Greetings Lyndal,

Thank you finally for the response.

Firstly I would like to inform you that this is a response in my personal capacity and not the views or response of the ‘community I claim to represent’ as per your understanding.

I would like to compliment you on your or your speech writer, unless plagiarism is acceptable, on your detailed accounts of events and language use in the response; having being in your company and being addressed by you.

To put you in the picture and perspective of my involvement, I am not a resident directly affected by the construction or the soon occupants of the new housing project (as yet). I was approached by the affected residence shortly after the work on the land had started based on my experience of working with people like yourself. This is not my job neither am I being remunerated in any way for my time and effort being put into these interventions.

I will not and do not intend going through and responding to your email line-by-line which I could but do not have the time. As I close the curtain on this interaction as the ‘land-grab’ has taken place with the construction of the dwellings already, I would like to share my personal view to this.

Having interacted with counsellors previously I have always had to keep in mind the people they represent and those they claim to. There was always going to be a juggling act as to who we will be addressing. The role of the puppeteer and the puppet was always going to be blurred. My brief interaction with you has left neither you nor the party you represent favourable to me. Giving the manner in which you, your party and the media have handled this debacle has not left me with much hope. Either the party has lowered its standards from my last understanding or deliberately chosen people like yourself for certain communities for obvious reasons.

It is interesting to have heard during one of your informal discussions with community members that due to the meagre stipend your masters pay you, you are forced to subsidise your income with alternate business interests (jumping castle and security companies).

In closing, it is clear that to your party and even with the media, the community voices were never important as we were never interviewed directly regarding any of the ‘claims or accusations’ that were made verifying these. I find it amusing that you have become the centre of the matter and the real issue side-lined and as the smoke screen the dwellings were being erected. Your view and accounts of the situation have been the only ones being taken in to account.  It will not be surprising but rather confirmation when it becomes evident that the community you represent occupy the houses being built on the site in question.

The struggle to, ‘work together towards building an open opportunity society that is underpinned by Freedom, fairness and opportunity for all’, Lyndal Singh, will continue. Unless we use the following quote, Politicians tongues and toilet paper have something in common…the quality is determined by the economics.




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