Counsellor’s Letter to community rep…

Dear Quinton,

I trust this email finds you well. Since 29th November 2016, you have contacted me, a few journalists and other members of the Democratic Alliance in what I can only presume to be an attempt to gain further information about the housing development taking place behind your property.

In these communications you have consistently and at times indecently attempted to cast aspersions on my character as member of the Democratic Alliance and the democratically elected Ward Councillor of Ward 50. These accusations are not only speculative but have led to this exacerbated circumstances we now find ourselves in. I believe it is not only pertinent but also imperative that we set the record straight so that we can work together towards building an open opportunity society that is underpinned by Freedom, fairness and opportunity for all.

Allow me the opportunity to categorically pin down a timeline of all that I have done as the elected public representative for ward 50 so that we can clear up any misunderstandings, misinformation and misconceptions that you have. I must apologise in advance for the lengthy email however I believe it is important that the record is set straight.

On the 15/11/16 I had an onsight inspection with Woodglaze Liaison Officer Mervin Reddy to ensure that Woodglaze was in procession of the relevant required documentation in order to commence with the Housing Development. On the 21/11/16 a street meeting was then called to give feedback to the community.

On the 2/12/16 you had written an email to Max Ramnarain stating that this is not a political matter and that the community must not allow this to be hi-jacked by the Democratic Alliance or me. Let me remind you Mr Kippen that the very same community you claim you represent have mandated me as their elected Public Representative to investigate this housing development. This should come to you as no surprise as you were present at the meeting held on the 8/12/16 where these matters, amongst others, were discussed at length. The construction then ceased until further investigation could be carried out.

On the 12/01/17 I received an email from Max Ramnarain requesting an urgent community meeting. I immediately went out to the site and met with Eugene Peter from 269 Grovend Drive. After meeting with Mr Peter, I then responded to Max Ramnarain informing him that the next meeting will be set down for the 14/01/16. I would presume that since you are the spokesperson for this community that you would have attended this meeting, despite meeting notifications being distributed in the vicinity you were still not present.

On the 13/02/2017 I had met with Jay Singh, the owner of Woodglaze construction onsight to discuss the concerns of the community in respect to the housing development and to verify that all the plans have been passed and approved. He then met with me again on the 15/02/2017 at my offices with the plans and all relevant documentation. All documentation viewed was duly authorised by Municipality and Woodglaze construction for all intents and purposes were legally allowed to constinue construction.

Then over the next few emails you began to attack my character and question my integrity as the elected Public Representative of Ward 50 by going on to make inferences and accusations such as me having a bad work ethic and claiming that it is feasible and likely that I have benefitted financially from this Housing Development by somehow being in cahoots with Gralio Construction and their subsidiaries.

I have followed due process outlined within my job description as a Public Representative and have in most cases gone beyond the call of duty to assist the residents affected by the Housing Development. Furthermore the DA prides itself in working with a high level of ethical behaviour and professionalism – if you have proof to your allegations please feel free to send this to the DA leadership for them to investigate your allegations. I trust you have their contact details.

After many back and forth meetings and consultations with the community members concerned there were 3 action points which needed immediate attention viz. The driveway access to the back of the existing properties, the blockages of sewer lines and the noise levels caused by the construction company as unreasonable hours of the morning and night.

Since then, Woodglaze construction have agreed to allow the residents a 3meter driveway access to the back of the existing properties even though he is not obligated to do so. In terms of the noise levels this has been reduced and Woodglaze have been informed that they must ensure that work that involves high noise levels must be carried out during regular working hours and the residents were advised to contact me immediately should Woodglaze fail to abide by this. On the 16/03/2017 I engaged Earl Lawler and Yathien Rampaul, city officials, on site. They are currently investigating the cause of the sewer blockages and have already planned to send down cameras to ascertain the location and extend of the blockages. Please bear with them as they have indicated they would give us feedback within 2 weeks.

I have also engaged with MPL George Mari regarding this matter and have been out to sight with him on the 14/03/17 and the 16/03/17. I have met with eThekwini’s Legal Resource Team on the following dates: 02/12/2016 (at their offices), 7/12/16 (on site), 19/01/17, 14/03/17. At the recent meeting with the LRT I was accompanied by Pastor James and Theo Pillay from the ratepayers association who I am sure will be more than happy to assure you that the next step now, should you wish to stop this development, would be for your to approach the high court. Should you fail in your accusations you will liable for the associated fees which I believe is in the R30,000 region. My reason for saying “you” and not “the community” is because in many of your emails you have changed the goals posts stating first that the community is happy about the development but would want their concerns cleared up all the way to the extent of stating to Zimasa from the City Press that the community does not want the development to continue. It is my suggestion that you go back to the community who you claim have mandated you as their spokesperson with the most current information and perhaps revise your mandate.

I want to categorically place on record Mr Kippen, that although I appreciate your frustration on this matter. I do not approve of the  disrespectful and on most occasions inflammatory comments and statements made by you directly to me over the phone and via emails.

It is important that you bear in mind that I will no longer tolerate your abusive phone calls wherein you continue to make inflammatory remarks, unfounded accusations or raise your voice at me. Since the first interaction I have had with you I have treated you with the respect you deserve as resident of the ward and would hope that you have the decency to do the same in future.

Also, should you wish to communicate with me please remember that it is counterproductive when adults speak and treat other adults with disrespect therefore I urge to you keep your communication with me via email.

Kind regards,

Cllr.Lyndal Singh


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