Communities being fed to those with money by the ‘authorities’…

Having being involved with communities at various levels, with organisations and campaigns I am starting to question many things.

A most recent challenge we as a community are fighting in the Phoenix area is the blatant disregard of people with financial means to have to follow procedure and protocol. I guess this will be expected when the authorities give you unrestricted permission and then do not police the process.

How is it possible that a company and a person can be implicated in fraudulent activity, under investigation, messed up government and municipal services and on trial for poor building practice is still given permission (carte blanche) to develop properties within the same municipality?

I struggle to understand when you appeal to other forces to assist like the media they then find that the news is not public interest. Have they become community watchdogs and how do they qualify what is public interest? Unless the public have become so shallow that unless it is sensational then it is news. The other could be that the media themselves have become entangled in this web of the politicians and they then decide what public interest is.

Politicians have lost the real meaning and understanding of their role and function having been elected by the people for the people under our democratic constitution which is considered to be the best piece of progressive paper in the world of governance.

As we ‘progress’ if that is the word to use at this time it has been said by many before, ‘an elite few are being enriched at the expense of the already poverty-stricken electorate’. Before it was difficult to reconcile in my mind the behavior of others to the powers that be regarding things like service delivery, incompetence, misuse, and abuse of power. Looking back and forecasting it seems our struggle will always be. Pre and post-apartheid pictures of community engagement have not changed when we look at methods of demonstration and protest.

Viva democracy viva, or is it…does the government of today only understand their own language of where they come? Maybe as they were ‘struggle fighters’ they only understand the struggle language, when the community behaves in a particular fashion. Some called them terrorists other called them freedom fighters today you will be called barbaric and a hooligan.

If that is what it takes to get their attention then I think so should it be. Is that the language understood by government in addressing the needs of the people and the challenges we face? When we are civil in behavior we are then looked at as week and to be trampled on and like in the movie of Long walk to Freedom, when the Sharpeville massacre took place it was asked, ‘why did you shoot and who shot first’. The same was seen and heard at Marakana. We are being threatened with armed forces and intimidated into submission not to stand against ‘authority’.

Other challenges that we face is that the judge and jury are the perpetrators and the problem with this is that there is no accountability. This also leaves no channels for complaints, grievances, and recourse to be implemented. Watchdog institutions are left with a mere bark as their survival is determined by the perpetrators. How does a dog defend its masters when the masters commit crimes against each other? The same situation under different circumstances sees the dog protecting its family. Will the dog really ‘bite’ the hand that feeds it, if it knew its survival and existence depended on that hand? When the dog does, ‘do what is right’, it is then accused of being out of control and must be subdued.

If society can help me understand where do we go from here to fulfill the greater good of a better country, the land of democracy, the rainbow nation of both equality in economics, justice and education. We are seeing that for a while just voting is not enough. The people in these organisations do not show to have the country at heart. They also do not have the character to tackle, address, and admit to injustices and failures.


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