Choose Carefully…part1

This post is being written after much discussion with a few people and while in consutation and dispute.

Life is not how it use to be, simple, care-free and fun. With all the technology, information and other responsibilities come a host of challenges as well.

Schools are institutions of learning and although not the only places they are fundamental in your junior years (actually the first seven years of your life). This foundational platform that is laid will determine how you cope, adopt and adjust with your schooling years. Not only is this ‘conditioning’ done in a physical sense but there is huge impact on a childs psychological and emotional state of being. This is evident by watching a childs reaction when they achieve or master a task which we will call simple, yet to them will be very complex.

Relationships also play an important part in ensuring children have a well rounded education. as it has been mentioned in the begining of this post that this is being done in the midst of a dispute. The dispute is between parents and a school.

If there was ever a time relationships need to be good is just there, educators, management teams and parents make for good wholistic education for children. When the quality of the teaching practice is found to be of a substandard, the parents are a little wiser and the management team become arrogant, then there is a need for concern.

Parents I would like to urge you to consider your chose of school for your children carefully. Independent/ private schools need to make their board of directors known to the customer…yes you are a customer…you are paying for a service. What they fail to realise as the service provider is that you are also a shareholder as their salary is dependent on your child being at that school.

You are also being urged parents to cross reference information, look at children in government school and see what is their level of work standard to the one your child is receiving. The saying will always stand, ‘In the land of the blind the man with one eye is king.’ Also educate yourself about some of the policies and regulation and make sure you look at your childs work when they do homework.

I am in a dispute with a school my son attends, and the issue is based on principle. Gate-keepers are not always right and usually are more defensive when they are aware that they will be found to be wrong. I am not ashamed to exercise my democractic right to expose mal-practice and injustices especially at the extent of the consumer and when children are being prejudiced.

More about this in part 2…


4 Responses to “Choose Carefully…part1”

  1. youthinshort Says:

    Reblogged this on U-th.

  2. Ash Says:

    Dear Sir, I wish I read this before i enrolled my Son in MEPS, I am having the same problem and there are many of parents that feel the.

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