Name them but most of all discipline them appropriately…

Greetings Mr. A. Pillay

Sent: 06 April 2011

I reside in Phoenix and commute Monday to Friday to the city centre to work. It is very interesting to note that on most days there are metro police vehicles (Verulam or Kwa Mashu) parked either in the yellow line on the M41 (up to 8 vehicles) and at least 12 personnel pulling over motorists checking the vehicles and issuing fines for various faults that were found. This activity mostly takes place during peak traffic (6:30am-8:30am) at least twice a week.

Last Thursday 31 March 2011, the metro police were out on duty doing their random checks and pulling over motorists and issuing tickets for various reasons. On Friday 01 April 2011, there was not a police vehicle or personnel in sight and the traffic lights at the intersection of the M41/ N2 off ramp were out of order.

Today, coming to work there was a slight drizzle and the traffic light at the M41/N2 off was not working correctly. After spending more than 90minutes in traffic from the Phoenix highway on ramp to the M41 to the M41/N2 intersection we find the robots not working and parked on the island next to the robot is a metro police vehicle (NDM 7435). One of the officers was standing outside the vehicle talking with a lady while the other officer was sitting in the vehicle. The intersection was very chaotic and they showed no interest in trying to remedy the situation.

I called your offices (031 361 0000) and spoke with Josh who informed me that the response he got from a captain from the North Durban unit was that the  police could not perform points duty because it was raining.

My second point during my journey to work, at the intersection of the Jan Smuts highway and the road leading to Cato Manor. Two metro police officers were in the metro police truck with their eyes fixed on the cellphones while people were blatantly engaging in illegal activity of making U-turns and the intersection to go back up the Jan Smuts Highway. Unfortunately as I write this letter I do not have the registration of the truck on hand but it is in my possession.

Please can you help me understand and confirm if this response is true and if this is not can you please provide a reason and the steps taken should this be a case of people shirking their responsibility as paid officers.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


Quinton Kippen


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