Duties of Metro Police…

Greetings Mr. A. Pillay,

I am not sure if my previous correspondence to you was the reason for the smooth flow of traffic from the 07th of April 2011 to the 15th of April 2011. I would like to thank you should for ensuring that these officers do their work effectively and efficiently.

As of Saturday 16 April 2011, the robots at the intersection of the M41 and the N2 (north bound) off ramp as well the M41 and N2 (south bound) of ramp have been out of order. Today traffic was backed on the M41 way past the bridge going over the Phoenix Highway. There was a metro police vehicle parked on the painted island monitoring traffic ensuring no vehicles travel in the emergency lane perform any illegal activity either traveling east on the M41 or as they join the M41 from the Phoenix Highway. There was also a vehicle (NDM 6817) parked in the bushes where Flanders Drive joins the M41 (east bound) and a male and female offer performing their routine duty of pulling vehicles over and giving them tickets for various reasons. After spending more than 45minutes (7:35-8:20am) to get from the Flanders Drive/M41 intersection to the M41/N2 intersection then to notice the robots still not working with only a points man at the M41/N2 (south bound) intersection. An additional points man was walking towards the M41/N2 (North bound) off ramp to perform duty.

As I have not heard from you previously regarding the first correspondence sent, it is with grave concern that I need to ask what the purpose of metro police is when traffic lights at major intersections are not working yet the officers are giving traffic violation tickets a few hundred metres away? Does not the interest of society become first priority to ensure traffic is smooth flowing allowing them to get to work at reasonable times or is the metro police becoming a capitalist body whose only interest is about making money from traffic fines and fulfilling their fine quotas for the day? This has to be asked because I am only noticing these police giving tickets and performing these duties at those particular points between the 16th and end of every month.

Please can you provide some clarity to this regard.

I look forward to your correspondence.

Thank you,


Quinton Kippen


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