Call to the People of South Africa to Defend Democracy


Media statement

Call to the People of South Africa to Defend Democracy.

Join the Mass March in Durban on 21st March 2011

Be a part of history!

Human Rights make up the core of the Bill of Rights and the South African Constitution.

There is increasingly blatant disregard of these rights by the government.

Therefore we need to stand up and be counted to:-

Fight the Employment Equity Act. Fight for Jobs for all of South Africa’s peoples.

  1. Fight for Freedom of Expression. The proposed Protection of Information and the Media Tribunal Bills are an attack on the cornerstone of Democracy. You have the right to access information from the government and corporate entities; the right to know about deals struck and who are the beneficiaries.
  2. Fight for the Right to transparent, accountable and participatory governance.
  3. Fight for the Right to a Clean Environment: – Pollution from major industry is affecting the South DurbanIndustrial Basin and other communities around landfill sites.
  4. Fight for the Freedom of Movement.  The Employment Equity Act must not decide where you will live and work. No to Apartheid Job Reservation!
  5. Fight for the right to free quality education by qualified and dedicated teachers.Fight against under-resourced, poorly maintained and poorly managed schools.
  6. Fight for the right to free and fair trade, access to natural resources, the right to monopoly free food, fishing spots, street traders.
  7. Fight against Racist statements and as well as unfair treatment of the immigrant community.
  8. Fight for the right to quality health care, the right to dignified housing, access to employment, and to basic services.
  9. Fight for the Right to non-genetically modified foods.
  10. Fight against all forms of corruption at every level.
  11. Fight against crime, gangsterism and the drug lords.

We demand adherence to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We stand with one voice to defend our rights. For too long government has ignored the rights of citizens and has supported big business against the poor. We cannot sit back and expect government to change. The people of must apply direct pressure and force the authorities to change.

Join the Mass Public Protest on21 March 2011

At Botha’s Gardens from 08h30 (the lower end of Berea Road) – leaving for City Hall at 9h30. For more information contact Quinton 083 871 7549, Des 083 982 6939

Speakers at City Hall: Jay Naidoo (to confirm), P R Dullay, Prof Patrick Bond and others.

The Right2Know (R2K) is a national body made up of over 400 Non-Government Organisations and close to 15 000 prominent individuals, amongst them are writer, Nadine Gordimer and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Quinton Kippen

Right2Know Campaign, KZN Coordinator

Tel: 031 304 9305

Cell: 083 871 7549



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