Your Problem Not Ours…

Death is always a tragedy and it always hurts no matter the circumstances. People are traumatised and there are many other emotions and thoughts that people experience.

Recently my family and I were faced with such a tragedy. We then entrust our loved one into the hands of “the professionals”. They can go to the ends of the earth and even illegal activities to ensure they get your business and once they have that you are on your own.

This has been first hand experience to the extent whereby the grieving family were not even aware until the last hour of the neglect by these “professionals” and blatant disregard and disrespect for the deceased and grieving family.

T.G Govender and Sons is one of the companies I will not recommend to any person who requires the services of professional undertakers. Not only has my experience with them left an indelible impression on my mind but also a non-ending sickening feeling in my gut. Without going into details and putting you through the same trauma, it is best said that professionalism extends above and beyond just rands and a few favours.

These favours I talk about are really services that you are eventually paying for and the extra mile they are “prepared” to go is just so that they can and hope in future keep the business. So next time you find yourself in this very good to be true situation and not because they come recommended does it mean the service you get will be equal or better to the person recommending them.

Please share your thoughts or experiences should you have any around this issue. Try and leave out the details if you can.

Thank you,



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