Information, like knowledge, is power.

18 of the top South African Universities and/or their departments have issued statements rejecting the proposed media laws.

Information empowers and allows you to act in your best interest or of that of South Africa. If information is withheld by government officials, this dis-empowers and does not allow you the development of your potential. It is also unconstitutional and anti-democratic.

Our government has introduced the Protection of Information Bill and the Media Appeals Tribunal for public discussion. We believe that these Bills will restrict what you know and will decide what you are allowed to know. If certain information is declared ‘restricted’, then journalists who publish such information can be jailed for up to 25 years.

We know that an independent media is the cornerstone in a democracy and plays an important role in exposing the wrongs in government and in society in general. Why does our government intend to busy itself with issues of the media, when the country is faced by major problems such as crime, rampant corruption and inadequate service delivery?

The response of Civil Society has been to gather under the banner of the Right2Know Campaign in order to protest against the Bills. If the media is guilty of wrong doing, then it must face the consequences of having to defend its position in court. Why do we need the Media Appeals Tribunal when we already have the Media Ombudsman as an impartial adjudicator? We do not believe government spokespersons when they say that it is in the interest of SA to have a regulated media. We believe that the media must responsibly pursue vigorous and impartial, investigative journalism.

Therefore the Right2 Know campaign in KZN has embarked on a programme of action to highlight the clear opposition of Civil Society to the two media bills.


Tue. 19 October 2010 Listen to your local radio stations for broadcasts about the media Bills. Join us in rallies at the Durban office of the SABC and at the City Hall. In PM Burg join us at a rally outside the KZN Legislature. Bring your own banners and posters.

Wed. 20 October. “The Last Press Conference” will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral in Durban at 11h00. There will be inter-religious prayers and meetings at the Cathedral. Everyone is welcome.

21 October is Black Thursday. We ask you to wear black t-shirts/clothes and attend the Media workshop/seminar between 09h00 and 13h00 at the Durban University of Technology, Steve Biko (Mansfield) Road, Lecture Theatre LC027, above the Cecil Renaud Library, on the first floor.  Please park at the Ritson Road Campus )entrance opposite Sastri College/Curries Fountain and walk across Mansfield Road to the venue. Light refreshments provided.

Friday 22 October. At 12 noon we ask all motorists to hoot and blow your vuvus. You can also wear your Bafana T-shirts with a black armband.

22/23/24 October. We appeal to all priests/moulanas of all religious faiths to conduct prayers and sermons to campaign around the issue of the bills. Churchgoers to wear black and others to wear white.

Mon. 25 October. Join the motor car cavalcade in central Durban at 12 noon starting from the Diakonia office in St Andrew’s Street.

Tuesday 26 October. Mock burning of books at the Workshop Park and amphitheatre.

Wed. 27 Oct. March from Botha’s Garden at 08h00 (opp. DUT’s City Campus) to City Hall where there will be a range of activities. Bring your organisation’s banners and your own posters and creative happenings. Colour your hair or paint your face to express your democracy or wear fancy clothes. Bring an instrument and sing songs of freedom.

We make an earnest appeal for each and every civil society organization to participate by joining the coalition and support the ongoing activities. Please contact the R2K co-ordinator:

Quinton Kippen on 031-304 9305/6 or cell: 083 871 7549 on e-mail or

Desmond D’Sa on 083 799 7251 or on email ><

We would like you to continuously show your support by smsing eTV during the news: Sun+Comment+Name 34970

Do make an effort to visit the Right2Know website and add your name to the list of people opposing these Bills.



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