Challenge …Are You Up for It?

Challenge …Are You Up for It?

 Today at 8:22am

 By Quinton Kippen

 I have recently been having some very interesting chats and discussions with people and many red flags are raised about the state of our minds. Here on Facebook we hear of all these people falling ill and we hear of all their trials, challenges and achievements. We are exposed to many causes as well and many think that that is the way to do it.

This challenge is one I have been meaning to put forward and see if you are up for it or just chicken. We are all aware that many of these causes do not really need your money, your contribution of a click neither do they need your sympathy or empathy. What they do need is your time, not your debit order or any other charity that you may have.

Many of you go to work and work long hours in a job you are not totally happy, satisfied and fulfilled yet you will plod along with the hope that one day your ship will come in. All this that you do is for what? Purpose, trying to bring meaning to your life and even a means of survival. Not living but rather just surviving, existing. I know that many of you do not fit the category of oxygen thieves and I do believe that you have contributions you would like to make.

So the challenge I pose to you is, Are You Prepared to Get off Your Laurels, stop making excuses and make a meaningful contribution to your community and country at large. If you are not sure what I mean or have some idea that you would like to bounce around, I am more than willing to work with you in seeing your idea become a reality. I am not talking about boasting about what you are doing or what you have done but I do think that having this competitive nature we can work hard to make ourselves known about what we are doing and capable of doing.

The cause I am looking for is people posting stories of what they did and how long it took them to make a meaningful contribution as well as how much did it cost. Many people think that you need large amounts of money to make this possible when you actually don’t. For those doing it share your stories and if you looking for money my answer is hard-work attracts money. As the challenge has been put down let’s see how many of us are prepared to take it up or will we take the easier option and make excuses and hide behind all the other meaningless things we do.

This is not a case of put your money where your mouth is but rather, take your hands out your pocket, off the mouse and keyboard, roll-up your sleeves and start getting your hands dirty.


One Response to “Challenge …Are You Up for It?”

  1. youthinshort Says:

    Hi Quinton,

    Here’s what I have and and am doing:

    1. Sports coaching on Saturdays and afternoons
    2. Free Computer Literacy classes for parents
    3. Treasurer of Hands of Compassion, an NGO that offers free VCT for AIDS patients, Hods Support Group Meetings for them, arranged free provision of ARVs for them, hosted seminars, AIDS Awareness Programs, Concerts etc
    4. Secretary of Salvation Centre Ministries and Sunday School teacher.
    5. Member of Hillgrove Sporting

    Here’s what I’d like to do:

    1. I would like to start a Chess Club and promote the game amongst the young.
    2. To start a choir group and also teach children to play at least one musical instrument.
    3. Would like to invite anyone can play a musical instrument to volunteer 1 hour per month on a Saturday to teach pupils to play the instrument. I will supervise practise during the week and on the other Saturdays.



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