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Malema has no worries about expensive


Staff Reporter
    September 04 2009 at 07:28AM

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has defended cabinet ministers who buy expensive cars, saying they have nothing to explain.

Talk Radio 702 reported on Thursday night that Malema did not mince his words while delivering the annual Peter Mokaba lecture in Vereeniging.

Several government ministries have bought luxury vehicles since President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet was formed.

The latest minister to come under the spotlight is Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, who spent R1,1-million on a BMW 7 series.

Malema sees no problem with this trend.

“If you point at any law that says I cannot buy this car then you will be correct, but as long as you cannot point at any law (there’s nothing that can be done). If you want to talk morality, your morality is not my morality,” said Malema.

  • This article was originally published on page 3 of The Star on September 04, 2009

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1 Minute ago Mdolomba wrote :

 Can we compare our politicians’ responsibilities and those of the private companies’ bosses and then compare their salaries. Remember that the socalled private companies are owned by individuals who are supposed to be getting more if wasn’t for the these companies’ bosses who are getting unbelievable salaries and bonuses, and then transfer the remainder to the easy-to-please shareholders. We are in a mess worldwide because of these unreasonably greedy company directors, and our politician may be blamed for not controlling these private companies adequately. So why are we making so much noise about the cars that are bought by politicians when they are doing so within the bounds that are set by our democratic insitutions? Lets not oppose anything that the ANC members do on the basis of diffrences in our political allegiance. If you don’t like it change! Malema is right!

 1 Minute ago Anonymous wrote :

Malema is the representation of the ‘youth’ of this country, how much more evidence do one need to see where this is going? The arrogance of this guy flies in the face of under privileged people suffering in SA. I’m just glad I’m leaving this circus behind. I’m waiting for Malema to call the emigrants ‘refugees’ who fraudulently bought their way out of this happy crime and corruption free country.

 4 Minutes ago Anonymous wrote :

Blade Nzimande… some South African communists are more equal than others!

 6 Minutes ago Anonymous wrote :

What an idiot!. When will he learn to shut up because whenever he attempts to say something sensible, he blabbers words that confirms his stupidy. Of course we as South Africans can voice our opinions. We as the taxpayers are paying for those vehicles!

 7 Minutes ago Yusuf wrote :

I dont see why people are having a big fuss about the Ministers cars.Politics is Big businness.All theCoporate execs drive big expensive cars not with their money,but that of the share holders.Government Ministers are employed in executive capacities.We are a great wealthy country and we should be proud of it.Do you want our ministers to all drive Toyota Corollas.I would not want that Job.The European,German and American politicians travel in Limousines.Why are we complaining. Helen Zille is only trying to prove a point by driving her old Merc.The White community who are now left out of government are the only ones complaining.You have had you turn to run this country for 40 years and you only took care of your kind.Our country is doing well looking after everyone.We are rated highly in the world in collecting taxes and we are fighting corruption and we are winning.Those ministers that are not performing will loose their jobs and the cars they drive.JZ has promised that their will be accountability. Give SA a chance.

 22 Minutes ago Tebza wrote :

We need to review the policy guidelines on this matter. For as long as has no be reviewed and properly adopted, there is nothing wrong with the amount that the ministers are spending as it is within the framework. So let us stop

 24 Minutes ago Anonymous wrote :

Malema – the cretinous face of the anc. No wonder africa is a mess.

 31 Minutes ago Charles Kilroy wrote :

You know as a non-racist white south african, I used to feel sorry for all the people suffering under apartheid but now their situation is no different except its their OWN people in the position of leadership that they voted in who are STEALING as much as they can while in power while paying lip service to “service delivery” – if people are going to be so stupid as to continously vote people like Malema into positions of power then they need to accept that they will always be poor and uncared about by the politicians. Julius Malema in particular is very dangerous as he is as much a racist as any apartheid supporter, and has no respect for anybody who has a differing opinion. Its time Nandos runs another set of ads showing more Malema comedy cos thats all he is – a joke!

 34 Minutes ago Ahmed wrote :

why does this joke of a man and his comments make headlines? he should not be in the news at all…no one cares what he say any ways.

 34 Minutes ago Grace wrote :

South African are now luck because they get the know about the value of the cars Ministers are buying. During apartheid……..no information was published….but whites were also buying very expensive cars.. Leave them alone…….

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