I would like to share my recent experience of time-share telesales personal and the companies they represent.


After a number of calls from a telesales rep of this fantastic prize I have won and need to claim my prize and after trying to contrive my way out the presentation. My wife and I finally decide to attend the presentation.


The company, Greenfields, we get to this fancy house in Morningside and are invited to the agents office. Now the telesales person has not told me of how rude the agent is or can be. So after filling out a few forms, watching a DVD presentation and listening to the woman’s insolence she then tries to tell us what we can and cannot do about our plans for such presentations.


So this is some advice for you from the people themselves should you get a call from a telesales person wanting you to attend a time-share sales presentation and you are not keen on attending.

  1. Be as nasty as possible to these people as they are trained to be sworn at and told in harsh tones that you are not interested.
  2. The nastier you are the better it is for you.


In future, to all you who feel that time-share is a good thing you are free to comment. My experience has left a bad taste in my mouth thanks to Greenfields or GGVC. I thought by making you aware, we can all live a little better without having to lose our religion and be condemned to hell, due to some telesales rep trying to lure you into a den of venom spitting vipers, who I think this world will be a better place without.


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