I have been very fortunate lately to be in the right place at the right time. My hide-out, the Phoenix taxi rank on Commercial Road, my target, Liberty Liquors receiving and dispatching area.


This picture was taken on Friday 03 July 2009 at 15:54. The vehicle, a SAPS Flying-Squad, registration BNP 317 B, M32 vehicle parked at Liberty Liquors Receiving and Dispatching zone which is not a public parking area.

With all the crime happening in our city centre daily it is not surprising the police need to ease their nervous and get ‘flying’ themselves.



One Response to ““Flying-Squad””

  1. musa Says:

    That is really the reality of the world we live. i comé from Inanda Newtown and every second we/i would witness a police van driving to purchase maruana (dagga) at the local dealer in the area who was known by every one.

    Tell me how do i live in a place like that!!

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